The overall goal of SIRIUS is

To establish innovative and new GMES service capacities for the irrigation water management user community with the vision of bridging and integrating sustainable food production with fair economic competitiveness, and within wise water governance scenarios that prevent water conflicts in water-scarce areas.


This overall goal will be achieved through a series of practical objectives; we define a set of four specific objectives:

1 Foundations of user community

To strengthen the user community by setting-up and maintaining a participatory process in all pilot areas, centered on the people participatory GIS (ppgis) concept.

2 GMES-assisted toolsets

To develop GMES-assisted pre-operational tools and services for effective and efficient irrigation water management and river-basin governance.

3 Validated service scenarios

To validate and implement the services in a set of pilots (representative for wide range of irrigated agriculture) and prepare their sustainable operation.

4 Business community and sustainable implementation Expected outcome

To initiate a network of small local service provider businesses within the context of boosting local economies (as a means to improve European competitiveness and sustainability). Integrating existing spin-offs, SMEs, NGOs and stimulating new ones by creating favorable conditions and an enabling environment.