EGYPT: Kafr el Sheikh

Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate lies in the middle north of Nile Delta. Total area = 3466.69 km2.

Its northern coastline on the km 100= Mediterranean and bordered by Rosetta the western branch (Branch km 85 with length) of Nile.



Historical Delopment:



Egypt water use management project (EWUP) 1978-1982

 Increasing farmer income through some agronomic,

 engineering, economic social practices and


Irrigation improvement project (IIP) 1990-1998

 – Alternative irrigation (irrigation line and leaving the

 next without irrigation) increase the yield 10% and

 decreased irrigation time 15%.

 – Farmer income increased according to applying    the irrigation practices about 242 LE7fed/season


Greatest current water challenge:

–  Water shortage due to:

Kafr El-Sheikh is the tail end of the Nile River

Huge amount of water is lost due to seepage, run-off & evaporation losses

Rice cultivation (an important crop & highest water use crop)

 –   Increasing rural poverty and food insecurity


 –  The lack of coordination between organizations with respect to planning and implementation of physical intervention at the governorate level


–  Lack of farmers’ awareness for the safe use of the drainage reuse and/or mixed water.


–  Lack of stakeholders participation in the decision making.