INDIA: Harangi

About Cauvery and Harangi:

The Cauvery River originates at Talakaveri in Coorg District of Karnataka in Brahmagiri Range of Hills in the Western Ghats at an elevation of 1341m.

Harangi is a major tributary to Cauvery, owes its name to the village situated in its banks. The elevation varies from 5800 ft to 2690ft above MSL (joins cauvery). The command area covers three districts Coorg, Mysore and Hassan. Coorg receives abundant rainfall (400cm) where as Mysore and Hassan receives scanty rainfall (76-114cm). 




Efforts were made since 1884, to build a weir, Anicut, etc. The Harangi dam was built during 1972-73. The average yield is 37.70 billion cubic feet.


Crops: rice, tobacco, ginger.


Conflicts: Cauvery being a inter state river, often conflict arises with neighboring state Tamilnadu. A dispute redressal panel (Tribunal), passed verdict in 2005 after 17 years. This recent order restricts the usage of water in Karnataka.


Challenges: Inter State Water Sharing conflict, Revised water usage as per court order, Over irrigation in upper reaches deprives tail enders share, 55 % conveyance loss and Poor crop yield and poor maintenance.